Soft Crabs

Live Soft Crabs Should Begin any Day Now

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No, not here in the Chesapeake Bay, but way down south on the St. John’s River in Florida, the crabs are getting ready for their first shed. It takes a lot of nerve to buy these first soft crabs of the year because the price is so high it will take your breath away. Soon after the Florida run begins, crabs in Georgia will begin to shed. Depending on the size of the run in Georgia, these crabs could be a little more affordable. We will have to wait and see. The unusually warm winter has water temperatures here in the bay and in North Carolina way above normal for this time of year. If we don’t get a cold snap at the end of March, which we seem to have gotten each of the last few years, our local runs could get started a couple of weeks early, meaning around the 15th of April or so.