It’s the Time of Year for a Crawfish Boil!

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It is early spring, and that means crawfish are on the move down south. Crawfish farming is a major industry in Louisiana, with commercial farmers in the state providing 85% of domestically produced crawfish to markets both in Louisiana and across the nation. Annually, Louisiana produces more than 100 million pounds of crawfish, contributing almost $300 million to the state’s economy.

Crawfish ponds come in various sizes, with most ranging from 10 to 40 acres, and most producers managing 150 acres or less. Typically, rice is grown as a second crop in most crawfish ponds to be harvested annually.

A plate of steamed seasoned crawfish, weighing a pound, will only cost you about $5.50. They are not only affordable but also delicious and fun to eat. As they say in New Orleans, “pinch the head and suck the tail!” Live crawfish must be pre-ordered and come in 30-pound bags. If you order on Monday, they will be delivered to your door on Thursday or Friday. Bon appetite!