Cadillac oysters

Introducing the Exclusive Cadillac Mountain Oysters: A Taste of Maine’s Pristine Waters

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We are proud to present our latest exclusive offering: Cadillac Mountain Oysters. These exceptional oysters flourish in a tranquil haven at the base of Cadillac Mountain, nestled within Bar Harbor Bay. With the arrival of winter, the farm becomes enveloped in a glistening layer of ice, meticulously preserving the oysters’ unique taste, which embodies the crisp, clear waters of Maine’s pristine coastline. Cadillac Mountain Oysters are carefully cultivated in the cold, clear waters surrounding Acadia National Park. The oyster seed, just 13 mm long, is suspended in mesh bags, allowing them to grow and develop their distinct flavor profile in this remarkable environment.

Available exclusively through Congressional Seafood, you simply won’t find oysters of this caliber anywhere else. Our Cadillac Mountain Oysters are the epitome of quality, boasting an umami-rich flavor reminiscent of lobster and seaweed, complemented by an excellent briny finish. Product Specifications:

Specie: Crassostrea Virginica

Origin: Trenton, ME

Item Code: 600013

Average Size: 3 Inches

Availability: Year-round

These oysters are specially grown for us, so the supply is limited. Reach out to your rep, and don’t miss the opportunity to experience the unparalleled taste of Cadillac Mountain Oysters – a true testament to the captivating beauty and essence of Maine’s pristine waters.