Hurricane Lee

Hurricane Lee Wreaking Havoc with New England and Canadian Fisheries

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Atlantic storm Lee hit New England and Maritime Canada with near-hurricane force, causing strong winds and heavy rain. Although it weakened on Sunday, warnings were withdrawn. By Sunday morning, it was 135 miles west of Newfoundland with winds at 45 mph and some stronger gusts predicted. The storm is expected to dissipate early this week.

One certainty when a major storm travels up the coast is its impact on various fisheries. The Halibut fleet, swordfish fleet, tuna fleet, lobster fishermen, and groundfish fleetĀ are all forced in and disrupted from their regular fishing rotations. While there will be ample fish at the start of the week, certain species will become scarce by the weekend. By the following week, multiple species will be unavailable. Please stay in touch with your sales rep to stay up-to-date on our inventory.