Red Snapper

How About Some Very Affordable Domestic Genuine American Red Snapper?

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Through a unique confluence of recent events in the Gulf of Mexico, hundreds of fishermen are trying to catch the rest of their 2022 red snapper quota in the last couple of weeks of the year. They must “use it or lose it” because the quota won’t carry over into 2023. The net result is a massive influx of beautiful 10-15 lb American Red Snapper caught by U.S. fishermen off the coast of Louisiana. They “pack out” in towns like Grand Isle La or Port Fourchon La, better known as “hurricane alley”.

This fish is traditionally in the low to mid $20’s a pound for fillets, but this week you can buy this iconic fish for only $15.95/lb. Fillets are scaled skin-on, averaging approximately 2 lbs per side. So ring in the New Year with the “Rolls Royce” of red snappers for the price of a Volkswagen! Get your order in early this week.

Prices are subject to change.