Hokkaido Scallops

Hokkaido U/10 Dry Sea Scallops – A Value Worth A Second Look

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Hokkaido dry U/10 sea scallops are a standout seafood option that is well worth a try. These sea scallops are farmed in the Sea of Okhotsk in the western Pacific Ocean between Russia, Japan, and eastern Siberia. This sea is renowned for its rich biological resources, making it an ideal location for scallop cultivation. Japanese scallop farms are highly successful, producing over 500,000 tons of scallops each year, worth an estimated $840 million.

In comparison, the total allowable catch for North Atlantic sea scallops is less than 40 million pounds, meaning that Japan produces 25 times as many scallops as the entire US coast. Hokkaido scallops are prized for their excellent flavor and easy-to-caramelize texture. With prices for New Bedford U/10 scallops still at $28, Hokkaido dry U/10s at $19.50 are a great value. So, why not give these delicious scallops a try today? Item code 640010.

Prices are subject to change.