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Great Valentine’s Day Promotional Ideas

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Lobster – The current situation in the lobster industry is making, for the first time in several years, lobster tails and lobster meat a fairly decent value for Valentine’s Day. With COVID infections currently on fire in China, their New Years’ celebration, January 22, will be extremely muted, especially with live lobster demand. That is keeping prices here in the US, quite affordable. Lock in your lobster tails this week with your sales rep. As far as live lobster pricing goes, we will have to wait until February 10.

Local Fish Species – Wild rock of all sizes will run strong for Valentine’s Day. Prices will be very reasonable. From the James River to the Potomac and up north of Baltimore, local fishermen will be landing this great fish. Local fluke will be plentiful, and there is an excellent chance that local jumbo Black Sea bass will be affordable.