Crab Cake

Fresh Venz Crab Meat Producers “Paying The Price”

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As fresh jumbo lump crab meat production comes back online from Lake Maracaibo, there is only one thing missing, Customers. When the Venezuelan crab meat producers ran the price up $7 a pound one week in mid-December, people stopped using jumbo lump almost immediately. They didn’t think then about how slow January always is, and how they would need all their jumbo lump customers to come back quickly.

We had a 15% price drop last week and expect the market to slide further as production picks up. We are selling fresh Venz jumbo lump for about the same price as pasteurized jumbo for the first time in almost a month. The fresh lump market remains firm as many people who stopped using jumbo switched to lump and superclaw. We expect lump prices to soften 10-15% from current levels before the end of this month.

Prices are subject to change.