Venezuelan Crabmeat

Fresh Venezuelan Meat Prices Itself Out of the Market

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The Venezuelan producers have succeeded in driving almost everyone away from their expensive crabmeat. Traffic volume at most foodservice establishments across the country is down significantly year over year and restauranteurs cannot afford to spend an extra 15% on their crabmeat. The Venezuelan claims of hardship and needing almost $40 per pound for their jumbo lump seems like a manufactured crisis at this point in the process.

Not to worry, we have tons of pasteurized, from all over the globe, in the cooler to get you through the New Year. We have every pick imaginable from Colossal to claw fingers and everything in between. Pasteurized Indonesian jumbo lump is almost 20% less than Venz. Eventually the Venezuelans will come back to the bargaining table. Most likely this will occur in mid to late January.