Fresh Venezuelan Crabmeat Market Collapses Further to $25 for Jumbo Lump

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One thing is for sure, Lake Maracaibo is full of blue crabs today. There are so many blue crabs in the lake that when they allow all the fishermen to go crabbing at once, they catch more crabs than they can pick and sell fresh. Freshly picked Venezuelan jumbo lump is now almost half the price of Indonesian pasteurized jumbo.

Venezuelan producers are screaming that they are selling way under the cost to produce and get the meat to the states, so they are shutting down most of the picking plants to allow the inventory in Miami to get cleaned up. Fresh lump is an extreme value when compared to Indonesian pasteurized. Selling at $17.95 per pound, it is a full $10 under pasteurized Indonesian in a can.

Prices are subject to change.