Blue Crab

Fresh Venezuelan Crab Meat Becoming More of a Value Each Week

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The crab harvest in Lake Maracaibo has finally increased significantly, leading to a consistent influx of fresh crab meat in Miami several times a week. As a result, prices have experienced a sharp decline in the past week, with current rates falling below $25 per pound.

This price drop offers considerable value for consumers, especially when compared to the Indonesian pasteurized jumbo market, where prices have reached $30 per pound and continue to rise. Pasteurized superlump is priced in the low to mid $20s, while pasteurized Indo lump can be found in the upper teens.

For the foreseeable future, including this summer, fresh high-pressure processing (HPP) Venezuelan crab meat is expected to sell at a significant discount compared to Indonesian pasteurized products.

Prices are subject to change