Four Great Fish to Sell for Mother’s Day!

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The first option is local jumbo wild rockfish fillets. Fillets will cost you $16.95 per pound this week. These are scaled, skin-on fillets. From a skin-on fillet to a portion, you should be able to get a 75% yield, giving you a cost of $1.41 per ounce. A 6-ounce portion costs $8.47 on the plate. You might want to consider adding 2 ounces of fresh Venezuelan jumbo lump at $1.15 per ounce to make a very special dish.

The second option is wild halibut. The fillet this week is $16.95 a pound. A 77% yield from fillet to portion is doable, giving you a cost off the knife of $1.37 per ounce. Six ounces of halibut will cost you $8.25 on the plate.

The third option is Icelandic cod loin at $11.50 per pound. This product is almost 100% usable meat. A 90% yield from loin to portion gives you an $0.80 per ounce cost off the knife. A 6-ounce portion will cost you $4.80 on the plate.

The last option is fresh Gulf of Mexico swordfish loin at $12.50 per pound. A 75% yield from loin to portion will give you a $1.04 cost per ounce off the knife. Six ounces will cost you $6.25 on the plate.