Fish on the Move This Week

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You don’t have to look far to find extreme values in the fish world this week.

Domestic Gulf Sword & Tuna – Boats in rotation are landing some beautiful fish. Jensen’s tunas are always lovely, but their swordfish lately have had screaming red bloodlines.

Local Wild Rockfish – All Maryland waters close today (February 28) to commercial rock fishing, but Virginia and the Potomac River fisheries remain open. Virginia fishers will catch plenty of fish over the next three to four weeks,
so keep it on the menu.

Local Fluke – Even with these very intense cold fronts hitting the east coast every week, the supply of fluke has not been interrupted. Prices have moved up slightly this week.

Monkfish – New Bedford, MA Monkfish will be available all week. Roasted monkfish medallions are the best way to kick off Lent!

Local Jumbo Black Sea Bass – Boats are packing out today in Virginia Beach. Fish arrive tonight. The market is up slightly.

Wolffish – Arrives Thursday! Your customers will rave about this delicious fish which comes in 10 lb boxes.

Prices are subject to change.