Fish on the Move This Week

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Local Black Bass- These delicious fish come off the same boats in Ocean City, Maryland, as our fluke and are reasonably priced.
Local Rockfish- Right now Northern Neck, Virginia is the hotspot for local rock landings, but that will soon switch to Delaware Bay. By early April, we will get them out of the surf, just south of the Ocean City inlet. Keep
pushing them hard!
Icelandic Wolffish- Customers and their clients realize what a great-tasting fish this is. More landing for this weekend’s sales.
Local Fluke- This fish packed in Ocean City, Maryland, and is under $10 per pound.
Louisiana Drum- Skinless fillets are at only $6.95 per pound and great for a blackened fish special.
Alaskan Halibut- The first of their season arrive tonight- fillets at $19.95 per pound.
Whole Norwegian Cod- Beautiful 10-15 lb head-off full cod are from inside the Arctic Circle. Scaled skin-on fillets at $11.95 per pound.
New England Hake- The best-tasting fish you have never heard of. Landed in New Bedford, Massachusetts, this fish would sell for twice the price if it had a better name. Pure white meat with lots of flavor at $6.95 per pound is a super deal, especially this time of year.                                                                                                                                                                 Dayboat Mahi- Many fish are still being landed in Central and South America. Gorgeous fillets are just over the $10 per pound mark. In another 30 days, these fish will start to migrate north, landings will drop, and prices will rise. This is not a targeted species in the United States. US fishers target tuna and sword, not Mahi. This is strictly a by-catch during the summer months. Hence, from May through September, we have the worst availability on Mahi and the year’s highest prices.
Fresh Florida Pompano- Nothing will remind you of spring more than a fresh Pompano dinner. We have beautiful, pound and a half to 2-pound whole fish in-house, at $7.95 a pound.
Live Soft Crabs- Yes, that is correct. There are signs of a peeler run starting in Georgia, and we will have the first of the season. Fresh live soft crabs will be available in the next ten days, possibly as early as this weekend.

Prices are subject to change.