Fish on the Move

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Mahi – Like the Atlantic salmon, stupid pre Mother’s Day pricing caused a change in buying “behavior” and a crash this week. Fillets are almost in the single digits again.

Local Soft Crabs – With the Carolina run over, the market moved up again, waiting for Maryland to come on strong.

Local Fluke – Most of the state quotas are filled, and we are entering a period where the trawl boat fleet is gearing up to catch Atlantic sea scallops this summer. Fluke prices will no longer be in the single digits like they were most of the winter.

Local Rock – Ocean City is still producing a handful of fish, but most of the migratory school is north of OC and swimming fast towards Massachusetts. Their season opens on June 6.

Local Black Sea Bass – Storms last week disrupted the fishing cycle, so we probably won’t see any until late this week.

Local Fresh Crabmeat – Maryland lump is in the mid-’20s now, and Maryland jumbo is still in the low 40’s. Domestic Gulf jumbo is under the $30 mark.

Farmed Striped Bass – $5 less per pound than wild rock and the exact same (identical not a hybrid) species farmed in the Pacific Ocean – try some today! (Full Newsletter)

Prices are subject to change.