Fish on the Move

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Atlantic Salmon – The meteoric rise of Atlantic salmon prices finally took a breather this week. Some whole fish prices actually declined for the first time since Lent began.

Live Soft Shell Crabs – Prices are falling this week to $4.50 each or less for jumbos – primes are $2.25 each.

Local Jumbo Rock – Good availability, but with just a small area producing a few fish, fillet prices are still at $17.95 a pound.

Local Fluke – Best value again this week at $9.95 a pound fillet. Local Jumbo

Black Bass – Good availability this week – the same price as last week.

Big Sword – A value on large loin at $12.95 a pound.

East Coast Halibut – Excellent quality, prices down slightly.

Mahi – Market dropping after price run-up for Mother’s Day – $14.95 a pound fillets this week.

Live Lobster – CQ just over $10 – Halves just over $11 – another drop next week.

Snow Crab Cluster – Market on 8 ups seems to have hit bottom in the mid $14’s. (Full Newsletter)

Prices are subject to change.