Bluefin Tuna

Fish on the Move

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Bluefin Tuna – The cost of number one loins has dropped below $20.

Yellowfin Tuna – We have spectacular quality local fish in stock.

Massachusetts Rockfish – There’s been a significant price drop this week.

Local Rockfish – Currently, there are considerable amounts of small hook & line rockfish being landed due to the temporary closure of the recreational season for two weeks.

Local MD Jumbo & Lump – With increased volume, the prices have decreased, but jumbo remains above the $30 a pound mark while lump is down below the $18 mark.

Swordfish – The market has slightly risen, but it continues to offer extreme value.

Wild Halibut – The price of fillets are up slightly.

Sockeye Salmon – The cost has decreased again, with fillets now priced under nine dollars.

Mahi – Although the price has increased, it hasn’t reached the levels of previous summers.

Fluke – The price is declining, yet it remains relatively high.

Monk – The New Bedford auction is offering excellent quality fish.

Hake – We have plenty of stock available.

Icelandic Cod Loin – Often referred to as the “Cadillac” of cod, this fish remains a high-quality option.

Bronzino – We have a generous stock in all sizes.

Prices are subject to change.