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Local Wild Rock – Good Lord willing, there should be plenty all week. The fish gods have blessed us with favorable west winds for catching these beasts in the surf just south of Ocean City. Local Large & Jumbo

Fluke –Trawl seasons along the mid-Atlantic are still open, and fish will be plentiful this week. At $10.95 a pound, it is the best valued white meat fish on the market.

Local Jumbo Black Sea Bass – This fabulous tasting fish will be available all week starting at a very reasonable price.

Local Soft Shell Crabs – Availability will get better each day this week. The cold front at the end of last week didn’t help a lot. This is one of the few weeks where all 4 sizes are available. Our friends to the north in NYC will determine when the market cracks further. We guess that prices will fall before this weekend. Next week and the week after, prices will be a bargain as the run will be full on in The Chesapeake Bay.

Genuine American Red Snapper – The “Cadillac of red snapper” – There will be plenty all week.

Black Grouper – Big beautiful fish from the Gulf are in for this week.

Canadian Halibut – Intermittent cold fronts still run the fleet into port, making for a choppy supply of fish, but they will be available all week.

Sword – Beautiful Hawaiian swordfish arrived this week. The price has dropped 25% to $12.95 a pound.

Bluefin Tuna – Domestic 500 pounder from the Gulf is available.

Icelandic Cod Loin – Excellent choice this week – 100% usable loins, easily portioned.

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