Fish on the Move (4/11/2022)

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Local Wild Rock Rockfish are swimming fast past Ocean City, but the weather has to cooperate (not blow from the north, northeast, east, or southeast) for the fishers to set their nets. They can’t set nets on the weekends either, making it tough to keep them in stock. We started the week with wind from the west so we should have fish for Wednesday delivery.

Canadian Halibut- Most of the fleet is out fishing and the market is starved for fish. Prices up again.

American Red Snapper- Beautiful domestic fish from Panama City, Florida, is available for Easter, but prices on whole fish are just under $10 a pound, and fillets are in the mid $20s per pound.

Icelandic Cod Loins- $11 per pound for loins that are 100% usable, easy to portion, and taste better than rockfish.

Swordfish- With the full moon this weekend (April 16), we are at the worst time of the month for swordfish availability. Most of the fleet will stay out through the full moon and head in next week. We do, however, have some beautiful swords from Hawaii, but prices are up.

Tuna- The tuna markets are flooding with fish caught in the Caribbean. Fresh yellowfin tuna loins are a value this week. Storms in the Gulf have prevented much in terms of landings in the U.S.

Mahi Mahi is an excellent choice this week with big, beautiful, head-off 15-25 pound fish in good supply. Prices are reasonable at only $11.95 a pound.

Prices are subject to change.