Blue Crabs

Fish on the Move

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Local Hard Crabs – The market for these is currently very soft, with prices decreasing rapidly.

Massachusetts Jumbo Rock – A current heatwave is negatively impacting the volume of catch, resulting in increased prices.

Local Rock – Only a few pound nets located at the top of the Bay are managing to catch a handful of local rock.

Local Blue Cat – These are still available, but they enter a state of dormancy during the heat.

Local Soft Crabs – A small quantity has shown up in Carolina, but the pricing is steep.

Jumbo Black Bass – The hook and line season in Massachusetts is currently ongoing, producing extremely high-quality fish.

Local Grey Tile – The quality of these fish is currently outstanding.

Swordfish – The market has increased slightly, but swordfish remains a fantastic value.

Yellowfin Tuna – Fish of remarkable quality are currently being sourced from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Bluefin Tuna – Fish are currently available both from the Outer Banks and from Massachusetts.

Royal Bass – We have an abundant stock at reduced prices.

Icelandic Cod Loin – The supply has been steady.

Dragonfish – We receive a small quantity at the beginning of each week.

Sable – Great quality fish farmed in British Columbia.

Red Snapper – High-quality Caribbean domestic fish are available.

Black Grouper – We have some nice large fish available.

Bronzino – We have a range of sizes available, from 400g fish to 2000g fish.

Fluke – There is still not much around. Prices remain in the stratosphere!

Wild Sockeye Salmon – Fillets are now under $10 and could decrease further.

Creative King Salmon – The quality is outstanding, with a very high fat content.

Mahi – Are still reasonably priced for the summertime.

Monk – We have plenty in stock.

Hake – These are selling well.