Copper River Sockeye Salmon

Fish on the Move

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Local Rock- Pound nets still producing all three sizes.

Local Wild Blue Cat- Proliferating in many of the rivers on the upper eastern shore. It’s recommended to sell as much as possible.

Local Chesapeake Dragonfish- We are doing our best to keep it in stock. Please continue to place your orders.

Rhode Island Rock- Beautiful 25 pound fish are in stock.

Local #1 Hard Crabs- Available for order on Wednesdays with delivery by Friday. The price is $240 per bushel for live crabs, with an additional $10 for steamed ones.

Local Crabmeat- Abundant as all the picking houses operate almost daily. They are struggling to sell their expensive meat, so weekly prices are decreasing.

Swordfish- Nice fish out of NJ. Fresh from a 3-day fishing trip.

Yellowfin Tuna- Available, with 60 lb up-dressed fish packed in Houma, Louisiana.

Halibut- Prices are going up slightly on these wild fish from both coasts.

Wild Sockeye Salmon- Copper River is now available, and we expect other Alaskan rivers to start producing this month.

Mahi- Despite the onset of summer, mahi prices have not yet spiked as they typically do.

Monk- Beautiful fish out of Point Judith Rhode Island.

Venz Crabmeat- Particularly the jumbo lump variety, remains an extreme value and is still priced well under $20 per pound.

Live Lobster- Most areas of Canada will close their lobster fishing by the end of this month, causing the hard shell market to rise. However, Maine is expected to come on strong next month with firm shells.

Hake- despite its increase in price, it’s a great-tasting fish. It’s still a great value.

North Atlantic Sea Scallops- Prices are dropping, edging closer to their pre-pandemic levels.

Prices are subject to change.