soft shell crabs

Fish on the Move

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Local Soft Crabs – We strive to provide the best every day, dividing up the limited quantity that arrives each night. If you feel the need to inquire about the price, they might be beyond your budget.

Local Rock – We have all three sizes in stock, and they’re priced to sell.

Local Fluke – There is plenty of fish available, and the market price is slowly rising.

Sword – This is the best value in steak fish for the week.

Yellowfin Tuna – This is a premier product sourced from the Gulf of Mexico.

Wild Halibut – We have a plentiful supply of fish from both coasts, and the fillets are very reasonably priced.

Wild Copper River Sockeye – We highly recommend promoting this fish this summer. Fillets are available in the $11/lb range.

Golden Tile – This is a fabulous eating fish that landed in Montauk, New York.