Copper River Sockeye Salmon

Fish on the Move

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WILD ALASKAN SALMON – Enjoy reasonably priced Sockeye from the Copper River.

NEW YORK ROCK – A bounty of beautiful fish is arriving nightly from Montauk.

LOCAL SOFT CRABS – Some are available each day, albeit at a premium price.

LOCAL ROCK RETURNS THIS THURSDAY – The “Pound-net” season kicks off on June 1, this Thursday. We’ll have all three sizes of local wild rock available.

LARGE GOLDEN TILE – Marvel at the beautiful fish packaged at the tip of Long Island.

LOCAL FLUKE – There’s still an ample supply of fish, and at reasonable prices – which is rather uncommon for this species at this time of year.

LOCAL FRESH CRABMEAT – While our picking houses are operational, they’re having a hard time selling their steeply-priced meat.