Halibut Fillets

Fish on the Move

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Local Ocean City, Maryland Jumbo Wild Rock – The beach stretch from OC to Chincoteague will be our primary rock source for the next 6-7 weeks.

Local Fluke – Fish packed in Hampton, Virginia. Fillets are affordably priced.

Wild Halibut – Market prices are trending a bit higher this week but is expected to drop next week.

Mahi – Domestic mahi will appear off the Carolinas in the next few weeks, migrating north to spend the summer off Nova Scotia.

Live Soft Crabs – Availability expected in 2-3 weeks.

Live Lobster – Expect the highest prices of the year for the next two weeks, followed by a significant market drop in early May.

Shell Oysters – Extremely low oyster inventories were reported by nearly all East Coast farms. Warmer weather is awaited for oysters to grow to marketable size.

Local Hard Crabs – Maryland crab potting season opened last week. An abundance of females is observed, with crabbers catching their daily limit. Dock prices have fallen significantly since Virginia’s season opening on March 17.

Sheepshead – Fresh Sheepshead in stock at a great value. Talk to your rep for pricing.


Prices are subject to change