Fish on the Move

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South Atlantic Wahoo – This is the perfect fish for your catch of the day. Contact your sales rep for availability.

Local Bluefin Tuna – The Outer Banks are yielding some really nice 400-600 lb bluefin tuna.

Local Jumbo Rockfish – Fish are entering the Bay from the ocean, answering Mother Nature’s call, and creating a lot of excitement for local fishermen. The jumbo rockfish are plentiful and ready to be served on your menu.

Local Medium Rockfish – Looking for high-quality medium-sized rockfish to feature in your dishes? Local fishermen are catching plenty of 3-5 and 5-8 lb fish from the bay, each carefully tagged for your convenience.

Local Jumbo Black Sea Bass – The local waters are teeming with beautiful 2-3 lb black sea bass. These fish not only look impressive but come at a reasonable price.

Local Summer Flounder – There is no shortage of summer flounder, and the low pricing is hard to beat. This is the perfect opportunity to add a seafood staple to your menu.

Local Wild Blue Cat – The wild blue catfish have awoken from their winter slumber and are hungry for everything in sight. Support the bay by having these tasty, invasive fish on your menu.

Hake – Best tasting fish you have never heard of.

East Coast Canadian Halibut – Though still a bit pricey, our East Coast Canadian halibut is a high-quality fish. With Alaska’s waters open for fishing, prices are expected to drop soon.

Skate Wing – The skate wing provides a flaky white meat with a nice mild flavor at a great price of only $6.95/lb.

Gulf Yellowfin Tuna – The full moon last week has led to a bountiful supply of Gulf yellowfin tuna, making it the perfect catch-of-the-day option.

American Red Snapper – The American red snapper is plentiful, and prices are actually falling.

Black Grouper – These fish will not be available for the next month due to closed fishing areas. They are being given time to spawn and replenish.

Royal Bass – With outstanding flavor and a weight of 2 to 4 lbs, the royal bass is a top choice for all chefs.

Bronzino – Whether you’re looking for a small 400-gram fish or a large 3000-gram fish, there are plenty of bronzino options available!

Arctic Char – Grown in Iceland, the arctic char is available in-house daily.

Icelandic Cod Loin – Flown directly into BWI multiple times per week, the Icelandic cod loin is a great option for those who want a high-quality, fresh fish.

Mahi – With the end of mahi “season” approaching, fish will migrate north of the coast of the US, and the price of these fish is expected to rise in early April.

Prices are subject to change