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South Atlantic Swordfish: Plenty of Fish, Low Prices The market is currently saturated with South Atlantic swordfish, resulting in lower prices. If you’re a fan of this fish, now is a good time to indulge.

Local Wild Rock: Abundant and Affordable Small and medium rock are being caught in abundance, resulting in fillets cut from 2/4 lb fish at an affordable $9.95.

Gulf Domestic Yellowfin: Arriving Mid-Week Mid-week, Gulf domestic yellowfin will be making its way to the market. Keep an eye out for this high-quality fish.

Canadian Halibut: Prices on the Rise If you’re a fan of Canadian halibut, be prepared to pay a little more. Prices are swinging back up over $20 for fillets.

Live Lobster: High Prices, Little Relief Due to weather and lack of fishing effort, live lobster prices are currently sky-high. Unfortunately, relief is still at least 30 days away.

Local Fluke: Plenty Available at a Value Looking for a budget-friendly option? Local fluke is in good supply and available at a value price.

Royal Bass: Versatile and Delicious Not only is royal bass a great-tasting fish, but it’s also versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways, including raw applications.

Sable: A Beautiful Farmed Fish From British Columbia, sable is a beautiful farmed fish that is well worth trying.

Ora King Salmon: The “Wagyu” of Fish Looking for a high-end fish option? Ora king salmon is known as the “Wagyu” of fish and is sure to impress.

Mahi: Value Pricing for Now For the next month, mahi will be available at a value price. But be prepared – the market is likely to start rising in early April.

Prices are subject to change