Fish On The Move

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Local Fluke: Delightful skinless fillets well under the $10 mark, making this popular fish a great value.

Gulf Tuna: The full moon was yesterday, so we expect boats in the Gulf to come in later this week with fresh catch.

Gulf Swordfish: Same story as the Gulf Tuna – landings will pick up later this week for this sought-after fish.

Jumbo Black Bass: Captains are catching some nice bass after catching their trip quota of fluke (usually 10-15 thousand lbs) a couple of times a month, offering you the catch of the day.

Fresh Nantucket Bay Scallops: Make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable with hand-shucked fresh Nantucket bays. Fed Ex overnight from the island; you won’t find any fresher scallops anywhere!

Bronzino: All sizes in stock for this delicious fish.

Fish for Fish Specials: Try a variety of seasonal catches like Rhode Island Monkfish, New Bedford Hake, Dayboat Costa Rican Mahi, and Icelandic Char.”

Skrei Cod: This high-quality fresh fish will be in stock for Thursday delivery.

Prices are subject to change.