royal sea bass

Fish on the Move

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Local Fluke – This is the best value in white meat fish by far.

Local Black Bass – A handful of these fish should be available this week, with prices rebounding.

Yellowfin Tuna – Supply is increasing as more boats return to fishing, making prices more reasonable.

Black Grouper – These fish are in short supply, and prices are higher than American Reds.

Local Wild Rock – Local fish are getting bigger, averaging 10 lbs each. Fillets are about 1.5-2 lbs each, and prices are low.

Mahi – There is plenty of Mahi available, with excellent quality and even better pricing.

Halibut – East coast Canadian fishermen are catching more fish, making fillets available for under $18/lb.

Red Snapper – With Caribbean snapper fishermen still on vacation, the snapper market is still tight and expensive.

Monkfish – These beautiful gill-net fish are from Rhode Island.

Hake – There is plenty of Hake in stock, priced to sell.

Royal Bass – This fish has a fabulous taste, with many applications for consumption raw.

Char – Farmed in Iceland, this is a beautiful fish.

Bronzino – All sizes are in stock, from 400-gram to 2000-gram fish.

Local Blue Cat – The warm winter has them biting all the time now, and we have an inexhaustible supply.

Local Carolina Bluefin Tuna – Beautiful bluefins are wintering just a few miles offshore of Nagshead, NC, and have spectacular quality.

Swordfish – This fish will be tight and expensive this week. The full moon is February 5th, so everyone is out fishing right now and will be packing out next week.

Prices are subject to change.