Wild Rockfish

Fish On The Move

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Local Rockfish- Plenty of beautiful fish, but mainly in the 3-5 lb range.

Long Island Rock- Some are still being caught, but the market is firming up.

Local Fluke- This week’s best value by far in the white meat category, specifically Fluke.

Yellowfin Tuna- The domestic fish from the Gulf of Mexico caught last week during the full moon are packing this week. Gorgeous looking fish.

Swordfish- Value pricing ($.75 cents an ounce) on very nice Brazilian fish.

Fresh Mahi- Fillets are still under the $10/lb. mark!

Fresh Venezuelan Crabmeat- We should make it through this week. Hopefully, the new production will hit Miami this weekend. Amazingly markets have not risen.

Icelandic Cod Loin- If you haven’t tried it yet, you must know it tastes better than our local rock.

Icelandic Wolffish- Customers are raving about the quality and taste of this fish!

Canadian Halibut- Big winds and big waves in the North Atlantic this time of year make for high prices on wild halibut.

Prices are subject to change