Fish on The Move

Fish on The Move

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Oysters- Reach out to your sales rep for our extensive farmed and wild shell oysters list. We feature all kinds from local Bay and “seaside” (salty), Massachusetts, Maine, Canada, West Coast oysters, and even some from Alaska!

Big Beautiful Swordfish- This week, we have the highest quality domestic fish at the lowest prices (under $10/lb). SELL IT! Local Rock- We have mostly 2/4 lb fish with a few 5/8s. Very few big fish this week.

Bluefin Tuna- Beautiful fish from Canada.

Mahi- The fishing vessels are just getting back out, but hurricane Fiona is disrupting the supply – prices are up.

North Atlantic Sea Scallops- Much of the quota has been caught, and not many scallops are out there (poor recruitment), so 10/20’s will be going up in price this week, and this won’t be the last price hike either.

Fresh Crabmeat- Plenty of Maryland, Carolina, and Alabama meat of all picks.

Gulf Amberjack- The Gulf amberjack season is open and should last into December. These are big “meaty” fish whose white meat fillets are perfect for the grill. They are a value with fillets only being in the single digits per pound!

Local Spotted Sea Trout- Delicious fish caught in the Outer Banks of North Carolina- excellent for “catch of the day”. 2-4 lb

Vermillion Snapper- Domestic hook & line fish caught off Panama City, Florida.