Fish on the Move

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Ora King Salmon- Excess ocean heat in New Zealand lead to lots of dying fish. They have very few fish to sell with a 80% reduction in harvest.

Local Wild Rockfish- No fish to start the week, but if we get a couple days of west winds, we should have enough to cover orders later on.

Local Black Sea Bass- Plenty in stock and a great alternative (better tasting for sure) to wild rockfish.

Local Fluke- Plenty available, and the price is under $14 a pound.

Local Freshly Picked Crabmeat- local houses have started picking, but it is still expensive.

Local Soft Shell Crabs- It won’t be much longer, but we are waiting on peeler runs to start in southern, North Carolina. We might have them by this weekend, but definitely by next week.

Hawaiian Swordfish- Beautiful fish in stock, but prices are still elevated.

Atlantic Salmon- The market is on fire again. Whole Norwegian fish are over $8 a pound, smashing the previous price records.

Bluefin Tuna- We have a domestic bluefin from Louisiana- beautiful 500 pounder!

Pompano- Beautiful “splash net” fish from the panhandle of Florida

Northern Shell Oysters- The ice still has not melted in the bays of Prince Edward Island, Canada so they are unable to harvest any oysters. The ice is too thin to drive on and too thick to drive a boat through. These include Rasperry Points, Sweet Island Kiss, and others.

Prices are subject to change.