Fish on the Move

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Fresh Barramundi Fillets- Flown in fresh from SE Asia. Scaled skin-on fillets are priced in the low-teens per pound.

Wild Rock- Still a very scarce commodity. We may a few H&L fish later this week.

Canadian Halibut- The market collapsed last week, and fish are priced to sell in the mid-teens per pound. Halibut is the best value in white meat fish this week.

Royal Bass- An excellent substitute for wild rockfish this week – fillets are priced in the low-teens per pound.

Mahi- Prices are trending down all fall season. Excellent fall menu item. The best prices of the year are from October through March.

Swordfish- Superb quality Canadian fish.

Corvina- Fresh skin-off fillets are a value and priced in the low-teens per pound. Excellent white meat, mild flavor, and taste is close to grouper or snapper. Perfect for ceviche dishes.

Prices are subject to change.