Swordfish Loin

Fish on the Move

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Domestic Shrimp- Shrimp prices continue to drop as boats catch shrimp in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. The primary catch right now is Green Headless (Brown Shrimp). Brown shrimp will continue to be the target until we start to see Gulf White Shrimp in late September

Local Swordfish- Caught in the pristine waters of the Central Gulf, 100 miles South of Cocodrie, Louisiana, this week’s sword is divine! It was caught on the fishing vessel Seaqueen 3 captained by Ly.

Grey Sole- Cut and shipped the same day; these 2-4oz fillets are of excellent quality. With their delicate, sweet flavor, these fish can be paired with just about anything!

Jumbo Black Sea Bass- These hook & line fish from Massachusetts are an excellent substitute (and much better tasting) for wild rockfish. Fillets $18.95/lb.

Local Fluke- Thanks to a steady rotation of a few trawl boats out of Carolina, beautiful fillets are at $14.95/lb.

Mahi- Plenty of quality fish coming from Panama. Fillets $14.95/lb.

Lobster- Prices are slightly up due to current working situations and back-to-back storms in Maine. There is a chance prices will go back to normal next week.

Local Tuna- #1 tuna is slightly up from last week at $19.95/lb. 6-8 lb 2+ yellowfin tuna loins from Houma, Louisiana, are the best value in fish this week.

Canadian Halibut- Fillets are still a bit high at $19.95/lb because everyone is still targeting swordfish.

Wild Salmon- Wild sockeye are steady at $10.95/lb for whole fish.

Prices are subject to change