Jumbo Rockfish

Fish on the Move

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Massachusetts Rock- The heat wave has abated, and the rock are biting better – quota is 60% caught up.

Local Rock- Recreational rockfish season returns today (Aug 1), so charter captains will not be doing much commercial hook & lining. We will have some this week, but the supply is not as plentiful.

Canadian Halibut- Much of the fleet has switched gear to target sword instead of halibut – the supply is down, and the price is up.

North Atlantic Sword- August, September, and October are the three best months of the year to feature swords from both a quality and pricing perspective.

Icelandic Cod Loin- Fewer fish are landed this time of year. Market up slightly.

Venezuelan Crabmeat- Less supply and slowing weekly demand make for a shaky low $20 a pound jumbo market. Lump and superclaw remain firm.

Local Crabmeat- Maryland lump under $20 a pound. Local jumbo lump still in mid 30’s a pound.

Local Carolina Shrimp- Shrimp are growing, and we are starting to see a few 26/30’s.

Jumbo Black Sea Bass- H&L fish from Cape Cod – spectacular quality.

Wild Wonderful Domestic Wahoo- We have a decent shot of fish today in from Panama City, Florida – loins at $11.95 a pound.

Live Maine Lobster- Chix are a value and in the high $6 range.

CK Lobster Meat- Frozen market is now under $35 a pound.

Wild Sockeye Salmon- Record-breaking harvest means fillets are still under $10 a pound.

#1 Bluefin Tuna- The season is located off the coast of Maine and Massachusetts. #1 color plus some fat in the meat makes for really nice fish.

Prices are subject to change