Fish on the Move

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National Caviar Day Today- We have a wide selection of caviar in stock, ready to wow your customers. Make sure you reach out to your sales rep for more information.

Sword- The landings in the North Atlantic are increasing, so plan on featuring sword on your menus this fall season.

Royal Bass- This week’s catch is fantastic quality, perfect for crudo dishes, and great on the grill. Halibut- Large fillets from Quebec only $13.95 a pound.

Massachusetts Rock- Still being caught, and the price is still the same as last week.

Local Rock- 85-degree water temps have the fish hiding in the shade – very little local production.

Fluke- Pretty fish from Rhode Island but expensive.

Mahi- With a full moon, catches are down, and the price remains at $14.95 a pound.

Local Hard Crabs- Catches are increasing throughout the Bay, and buyers dropped the price of #1s twice last week, totaling a $35 decrease. Time for a crab feast!

Local Crab Meat- Prices are trending down, with jumbo in the mid 30’s and lump in the low 20’s.

Soft Shell- Dressed in 2 dozen boxes and ready to go: whales @ $65/dz, jumbos @ $62, primes @ $44, hotel primes @ $32

Wahoo- Beautiful Domestic fish from Panama City, FL- $10.95 a lb.

Prices are subject to change.