Fish on the Move

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Massachusetts Rock- season in full swing. Lots of fish are being landed each week when they fish Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The prices are excellent.

Local Rock- A few pound-net and H&L fish being landed, mostly 2/4’s and 5/8’s.

Canadian Halibut- It took a while this summer, but fillets are finally less than $15.95 per pound.

Wild Alaskan Salmon- Prince William Sound sockeye fillets are a value at less than $10 a pound.

Fluke- Available but pricey.

Mahi- Availability is very tough, and prices are tough to swallow too.

Local Live Soft Crabs- Prices have been astronomical all summer, reflective of the local population’s poor shape.

Local Crab Meat- Available, but jumbo is back into the upper 30’s and a lump in the mid-’20s.

Louisiana Tuna- Good landings this week and reasonable prices.

North Atlantic Sword- Season is starting to get in full swing. Excellent quality fish.

Prices are subject to change.