Swordfish Loins

Fish on the Move

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North Atlantic Sword Fish –Beautiful large loins at $13.95 a pound.

Local Rock – Some hook & line fish and a few pound-net fish in the 2/4 and 5/8 lb categories. Not many big fish in the Bay this time of year.

Massachusetts Rock- Lots and lots of fish. Prices are down to $14.95 for fillets. Sides of fillet average 5 lbs each!

Mahi- Expensive and tough to acquire. Not a targeted specie in the US during the summer. Central America not producing much right now.

Canadian Halibut- Prices are finally getting somewhat reasonable. Fillets will start the week at $16.95 a pound – most likely less for the weekend.

Fryer Clams- Hold on to your wallet. Prices are getting ridiculous as they do every summer. More people like this clam up in New England and are willing to pay huge money to get it. Gallons are at $175.

Local Fluke- Not much fish around this week- prices are up – $15.95 a pound.

Cold Water Lobster Tails- Finally some price relief on some of the smaller sizes – 3-4’s at $22.95 (approx $5 per tail) 4-5’s at $24.50 ($6.90 per tail) and 5-6’s at $24.95 ($8.60 per tail).

CK Meat- Nothing says 4th of July like a good lobster roll! Downeast signature whole CK at $38.50 a pound.

Local Tuna- Nice fish from right off our shores and from the Gulf of Mexico. #1 loins at $18.95 2+ at $13.95.

Wild Sockeye Salmon- spectacular quality fillets only $10.95 a pound. (Full Newsletter)

Prices are subject to change.