Fish on the Move

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Local Wild Rockfish – Mostly 2-4 lb fish are being harvested from the Bay via commercial hook & line and pound-net.

Massachusetts Jumbo Wild Rockfish– The season starts today. Fillets are at $16.95 a pound.

Canadian Halibut– Market moving slightly lower. Fillets are at $17.95 a pound.

North Atlantic Sword– A value this week at only $12.95 a pound.

Local Tuna– Excellent schools of tuna showing up off Cape Hatteras, NC. 2+ loins are only at $10.95 a pound.

Local Jumbo Black Bass– New York finally got their fill, and prices got reasonable – $6.50 a pound for whole fish.

Local Fluke– An extreme value this week at $12.50 a pound for fillets.

Local Live Soft Crabs– Very few around and extortion priced at $7 each.

Wild Sockeye Salmon– excellent availability and priced at $12.95 a pound. (Full Newsletter)

Prices are subject to change.