Fresh Claw Crabmeat

Fish on the Move

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Fresh HPP Superclaw Crabmeat – The best-tasting part of the crab all in one cup! Mix with the fresh jumbo lump to make the best tasting crabcake on the planet, hands down. The price is down to only $14.95 a pound! High-pressure pasteurization (HPP) gives it more than a 15-day shelf life!

Fresh HPP Superlump – Larger pieces than the lump with a not much larger price – only $13.95 a pound.

Local Chesapeake Rock – The pound-nets and commercial hook & line fishermen are producing steady volumes of fish. Fillets on 2-4 lb whole fish are valued at $13.95 a pound. 5-8’s are slightly more.

Rhode Island Rock – Spectacular quality 20-30 lb whole fish for reasonable prices – Massachusetts season on jumbo rock starts Thursday, June 16.

Local Live Soft Crabs – Still a few around, but the vast majority of the crabs in the Bay are hard crabs now. Hopefully, they will shed on the next full moon.

Summertime Fluke Pricing – Very few boats catching them, combined with high demand from resorts, keep the price in the mid-teens.

Cape Hatteras Tuna – Starting out small a couple of weeks ago, but now these local fish are dressing out around 30-35 lbs which is a 6-7 lb loin – super fresh stuff at $11.95 a pound.

Gulf Sword A Value – Beautiful large loins are only $13.95 a pound.

Wild Copper River Sockeye Salmon – Plenty in stock, and prices are declining weekly. $12.95 a pound this week on beautiful fillets.

Canadian Halibut – Landings have not been high enough so far to lower the market. We do anticipate lower prices in July and for the remainder of the summer. Certain areas of Canada will open for a few days, and large amounts of fish will hit the market at one time, forcing it lower.

Larger Bronzino- Did you know that bronzino comes in more sizes than just 400-600 g and 600-800 grams? We have them all the way up to 8 pounds! Yes, they do get more expensive as they get bigger. It costs more to grow them out longer. Most of the larger sizes are special order. Contact your sales rep. We order Wednesdays for the following week. Fish fly direct non-stop from Istanbul to Dulles! (Full Newsletter)

Prices are subject to change.