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Fewer Fishermen Targeting Local Wild Rock Now

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Due to the closure of all Maryland waters for commercial rock fishing until June 1 and stringent size restrictions in most Virginia rivers, the availability of wild rockfish on the market has significantly decreased compared to just a week ago. The situation is further exacerbated by Virginia’s recent opening of its crab season, causing fishing efforts for rockfish within the Chesapeake Bay to come to a near standstill.

However, there is no need for concern, as Delaware Bay fishermen have been anticipating this moment and are prepared to set their gear in motion. They are expected to start producing fish in the near future. Following this, attention will shift to the migration of rockfish leaving the Chesapeake Bay after spawning, as they make their way to Massachusetts for the summer. These fish will travel along the coast, just beyond the breakers.

During late April and most of May, this will be the primary source of wild rockfish. It is important to note that prices typically surge during this period due to limited supply.

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