Yellowfin tuna

Domestic Yellowfin Tuna Market Cracks For The First Time in 2 Years

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Ever since May of 2021, the price of whole (head off, tail off) domestic Louisiana yellowfin tuna has remained at $8 a pound or above (our cost). These are rock-hard fish with beautifully colored meat and tons of shelf life compared to imported tuna, but this week is a different story.

The Gulf domestic longline fleet is now averaging almost 100 heads of tuna per trip. And when a dozen boats decide to unload within days of each other, it gets really tough to sell a bunch of high-priced tuna in a sluggish market. Prices are down, and it’s a great time of year to sell tuna on your menu, so proudly tell your customers you sell domestic Louisiana yellowfin tuna, caught by US fishermen.