Domestic Gulf 16’s & 21’s Shell on Shrimp Market Moves Sharply Lower

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Supply has increased as shrimp boats are hauling in larger catches, but demand is waning with American consumers depleting their Covid savings. This dynamic brings good news for our customers but spells trouble for shrimpers. Prices for 16/20 shell-on shrimp have dropped by 15% in the past 30 days, and the 21s have experienced a similar decline. Currently, 16s are priced in the mid-$7 range, while 21s hover in the upper $5 bracket. This trend underscores seafood proteins returning to their pre-Covid traditional pricing.

Dominick Ficarino, proprietor and owner of Dominic’s brand shrimp based in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, offers chemical-free shrimp. They’re available in Whole Foods Markets nationwide and hold the distinction of being the top domestic shrimp brand in the U.S. Give them a try; their taste and consistency are bound to delight you.

Prices are subject to change