Crown Toro Hamachi

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Introducing Crown Toro Hamachi – a true gem from the seas of Japan, renowned for its rich, buttery flavor and premium quality. Raised in the pristine waters of Uwajima, this Japanese Yellowtail Hamachi is expertly nurtured to achieve an optimal fat content of 30%, ensuring each slice is sumptuously tender and flavorful. Unique to Crown Toro Hamachi is the Cho-Rei-Kun process, which preserves the peak annual flavor, making it available year-round. This process includes a special smoke-saturated solution injected at harvest to maintain freshness, firm texture, and a bright, inviting color. Prepared using the Ike Jime method, Crown Toro Hamachi boasts minimal lactic acid and blood, enhancing its taste. Whether for Eastern or Western culinary creations, Crown Toro Hamachi promises an unforgettable dining experience, offering chefs a versatile ingredient perfect for a variety of dishes. Reach out to your rep for a spec sheet.