Sockeye Salmon

Copper River Wild Salmon Prices Are Lower Much Sooner Than Usual

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The 2022 record of 63 million sockeye salmon caught in Bristol Bay last summer is already depressing the value of fresh sockeye from the Copper River this year. Much like the snow crab, many freezers across the country are full of sockeye from last year. Without the “backstop” of a frozen market, buyers must pay a price that the fresh market is willing to pay. Almost all national retail chains are pushing product left over from last year and are not interested in selling fresh sockeye yet.

This is great news for people in the food service industry, as they will get to take advantage of much lower wild salmon prices this summer. Fresh Copper River wild sockeye salmon fillets are under $16 a pound this week. You can expect them to be at $12 a pound or less for most of the summer.

Prices are subject to change