Big Scallop Market Finally Starting to Crack

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The 2023 scallop season commenced on April 1 and is anticipated to yield approximately 25 million pounds. This figure is half the amount landed between 2018 and 2020. Interestingly, this new season has brought in larger scallops than expected based on previous seasons, which were dominated by mid-sized scallops. This year, we are witnessing a greater number of U/15 and larger scallops, which has led to prices returning to pre-pandemic levels. While the mid-Atlantic scallop areas were once major sources of tonnage, these regions now exhibit below-average availability.

Consequently, most fishing activity has shifted northward, with a significant emphasis on Georges Bank. The following chart illustrates the fishing areas for the 2023 season:

Scallop Fishing areas

New Bedford, MA, hosts the country’s largest scallop seaport, where an auction establishes prices nationwide. What distinguishes Congressional from many competitors is our partnership with a New Bedford company that owns and operates its own fleet of fishing boats. We offer a range of sizes from U/8 to 10/20. As the catch has been abundant in U/8’s and U/10’s, we have lowered our prices, enabling more customers to reintroduce large scallops to their menus.