Beautiful Local Mahi Rounding “The Point” On Cape Hatteras

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Anyone who fishes offshore from the Oregon Inlet or Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina, knows where “The Point” is. It is the area where the edge of the continental shelf takes a sharp turn to the north about 30 miles due east of Buxton, North Carolina. The depth goes from about 600 feet (100 fathom line) to 6000 feet (1000 fathoms) in less than a half-mile.

The water, which is the Gulfstream current, is ice blue and runs fast, about 8 knots to the north 24/7, transporting with it these highly migratory fish species like Mahi, tuna, sword, sharks, and wahoo around the world. Mahi are making their annual trip from their Central America wintering grounds to Canada via the Gulfstream corridor.

We will have beautiful, fresh local Mahi in stock for the next few weeks or until the school passes by. Try some. You’re gonna love it! (Full Newsletter)