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And so the Summer Crabbing Season Begins!

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Although it doesn’t feel like summer, April 1 marks the start of a much anticipated Maryland and Virginia crabbing season in the Chesapeake Bay. With water temperatures in many areas of the Bay’s main stem still in the 40s, don’t expect many local crab landings this week.

Blue crabs are pretty much dormant (asleep in the mud) until temperatures get up into the 50s. At that point, crabs will start to get hungry and crawl around the bottom for a few hours of the day. Some will even crawl into crab pots! That would make for some very happy crabbers, getting paid almost $300 for a bushel of #1’s and $225 for a bushel of females. However, picking houses wouldn’t even touch those crabs with a 10′ pole at those prices.

Prices are subject to change.