And Just Like That, Summer Comes to a Close

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As we wrap up the summer of 2022 and look forward to the fall, we are feeling good about post-pandemic life in the fish biz. It seems restaurants are back doing numbers comparable to where they were in 2019. As the cooler weather comes in, water temperatures start to come down, and some of the fish that were hard to come by in the summer will become easier to catch. This fall is going to be a great opportunity to start featuring great quality fish that your customers will thank you for.

Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish tend to hide in the grass underwater, which makes them tougher to catch. They start coming out in the fall and become much more available. Some of the best quality swordfish is caught in September and October. Just in time for Halloween, we’ll be looking for some “pumpkin sword” with its orange-colored meat to arrive. The fall is also a great time for shellfish. Oysters and mussels tend to be plumper in the fall, making them a great menu option. Local Rockfish are always a good menu option in the fall as they tend to start biting again as water temps cool off. As we do all year long, we will continue to directly import whole Bronzino in every size category. While many people use the smaller fish for a whole fish option, we also carry larger sizes of bronzino for a tremendous white meat fillet.

As you’re planning your fall menus, please feel free to reach out to any of our knowledgeable salespeople for any questions you might have about what’s in season. They are always happy to help!