holly berry oyster

A Christmas Oyster – The Holly Berry Oyster!

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Just in time for the holidays, Atlantic Aquafarms is producing a “Holly Berry” oyster. Grown in the clear cold waters of Prince Edward Island, Canada, they take six years to grow to market size. A local wild oyster takes half that time to grow to 3″. During that six-year grow out, they pack in a ton of flavor, which is why PEI oysters are considered the best on the market.

These oysters are perfect for holiday wine pairings, oysters Rockefeller, or even as grilled oysters. With shells light in color and featuring a sweet, crisp, briny finish, these limited edition PEI oysters are the perfect way to ʻshuck inʼ 2023! Reach out to your sales rep and try some today at 99 cents each!

Prices are subject to change.