New Year

2023 – A New Year, A New Outlook On Life

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Each New Year, many of us make “resolutions,” an effort to reflect on previous experiences and strive to improve in the future. “Continuous improvement” has been our motto at Congressional Seafood for many years. For 2023, we would like to improve our communication with our customers. Feedback from you helps us evolve and become a better company.

We would also like to see you rely on Congressional Seafood more next year. We have unsurpassed expertise as a company consisting of experts in many fields. We have buyers who purchase hundreds of millions of dollars worth of seafood each year, a corporate Chef with years of experience optimizing menus and cooking for high-profile guests, and a marketing team dedicated to assisting your company with networking and sponsorships. Get to know our team and use their knowledge to help grow your business. We are only a call away!

If Congressional has done a good job assisting you with your seafood needs, let us know! Leaving a google review will help us out and show your appreciation. Let us make 2023 a year of growth and fellowship! Click here to review